Bruce Porter, Wayne Stevens awarded Combat Infantry Badges – Bien Hoa

Bruce Porter, and Wayne Stevens awarded Combat Infantry Badges Bien Hoa Vietnam
That’s Bruce Porter on left, and Wayne Stevens on the right. Bruce was a point man and Wayne a machine gunner. They had just been awarded their Combat Infantry Badges and went down to Bien Hoa and had their pictures taken. Showing off 🙂 1965 probably around July or August.

Bruce went on to retire from the Army, have 6 kids, and lives in Sanford, NC with his wife. When we last we heard from Wayne, he was in California. Wayne tracked down Bruce about 12 years ago, he was mad that Bruce had not told him that he reenlisted, and gone back to Vietnam. LOL!! Said he would have re-upped, and gone back also. But Bruce had extended on his first tour, and left the infantry for the LRRP teams so it was a much longer time than Wayne thought anyway. Last they spoke was about 4 years ago, Wayne had just had bypass surgery.
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