How to add $BSTY WordPress payment gateway plugin to WooCommerce

Hey everybody,
This is a quick tutorial to show you how to accept $BSTY with GlobalBoost WordPress WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugin.
1. If you haven’t already made an account at main site, please follow this link and make sure to confirm acct creation via email link.

2. Once account is confirmed and you are logged in use the sliding menu on the top left to select “Payment Gateway”.

GlobalBoost BSTY WordPress Payment Gateway

GlobalBoost BSTY WordPress Payment Gateway

3. Click the highlighted “Click here to Download BSTY WordPress Plugin(Version 0.1)” and save the GlobalBoost payment plugin to your computer.

4. Make sure the WordPress installation on your website is up to date, and that you have WooCommerce installed.

5. Use the left side menu “Plugins” and then select sub-menu “Add New”.  Then click “Upload Plugin” from top of the screen and select BSTY WordPress Plugin from your hard drive.

Upload BSTY WordPress Payment Gateway BSTY Payment Gateway

6. Once installed click the WooCommerce “Settings” and select your location. Make sure to set the base currency to US Dollars for the plugin price API to work.


7. Now click “Checkout” from the WooCommerce tabs to configure your payment options. Click BSTY. Enter your BSTY API Key from your account, and select the number of confirmations you want before releasing the product.

BSTY Payment key

That’s it! You are now configured to sell products using amazingly successful WordPress, and it’s most powerful turn-key sales software WooCommerce!

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