About GlobalBoost

  • The GlobalBoost coin “BST” is a cryptocurrency inspired by a combat wounded veteran as a way to easily crowdsource funding and raise money for wounded soldiers. There will be coins minted, a block drops every 30 seconds, the reward is 95 coins, and it halves every 4 years. It is based on litecoin and is 10% premined. 5% of the premined coins will be distributed to wounded soldiers on a tiered “Reach & Release” timescale with a total payout of $100+ million to charity. The other 5% will be used to develop the powerful GlobalBoost advertising platform that enables users to:
  • – Advertise and launch Google+ Hangout webinars broadcasting live on Youtube and your own web page.
  • – Easily advertise, launch, and monitize crowd funding projects
  • – Set planned posts across multiple networks, upload photos to social networks, follow & unfollow users in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram providing an easy and cost effective way to advertise online.
  • – Pay and get paid instantly for sharing content and other freelance work.
  • – Launch and monitor targeted advertising campaigns leveraging multiple networks.
  • These products will be available to the public for a small fee, and are available to all wounded veterans worldwide free of charge. The GlobalBoost team is commited to tearing down borders and fiat monitary limitations, providing a platform for wounded veterans to crowdsource funding, and earn money easily.
  • The world has been torn by war since anyone can remember. Countries have paid with the blood of their youngest and brightest men and women. The GlobalBoost Coin is designed to help all wounded veterans in their recovery, and aid in their re-insertion into civilian life.

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